Commercial Buildings


Commercial modular buildings are more economical than traditional on-site constructed buildings. Looking to open a new location? Branching out or simply creating more space? Our commercial designers and manufactures are professionals who understand the importance for functional and cost effective buildings that are architecturally alluring and aesthetically gratifying. Let us maximize your commercial space needs by providing a price quote.

Education/School Buildings


Modular education buildings have become increasingly popular within the K-12 and higher education markets. Following the intelligent view of building more eco-friendly and cost effective structures, top schools such as Yale, Stanford and Claremont McKenna have all taken heed to modular construction. If you are concerned about increased enrollment, overcrowding or the need for extra space at your education facility, we can help. Contact us for a modular education building price quote.

Government/Military Buildings


Modular government buildings ave become a resourceful and efficient answer to meeting the needs of various state, local and federal agencies. We work closely with a specialized team to ensure your specific building needs are fulfilled. If you are looking to create training centers, headquarters, dormitories, administrative offices or have any other need for increased space, Universal Modular is ready for action. Let us provide you with a price quote for your specific project.

Green Modular Buildings


Modular correctional buildings are a trusted source of detainment because they are long lasting, reliable and durable. Whether your jails are overcrowding or you are in need of specific auxiliary modular structures, Universal Modular is your choice for providing smart buildings that provide durable, cost-effective solutions. Our quality materials and expert manufacturing team will provide competent, reliable buildings that exceed your needs, every time. Start with a price quote for your project.

Healthcare/Medical Buildings


Modular healthcare buildings are the ultimate space solution. As healthcare needs increase, so does your capacity. If you are in need of clinics, doctor’s offices, laboratories, administrative offices, daycare or other arrangements, Universal Modular can help. Our professional experience within the healthcare and medical industries allow for successful integration of space all while having a very minimal amount of disturbance and noise pollution. Let us give you a quote and fulfill your needs now.

Green Modular Buildings


Modular buildings are a key way to practice responsibility toward our environment. Prefabrication keeps waste to a minimum, permits disassembly to reduce the demand for raw materials, and minimizes the impact on the surrounding site environment. Let us give you a quote and start saving our environment now.

Used Modular Buildings

Used modular buildings are great for the environment since they reduce waste and consumption of natural resources. We can find a used modular building that fits your budget in a wide range of applications. We have used modular office buildings that can be used as a temporary solution while you wait for your permanent construction to complete. Request a quote and start saving now.