About Universal Modular Building Solutions, Inc.

Universal Modular Building Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider and expert in  modular construction. Our team of experienced designers, engineers, project managers, and construction staff work to provide competent and reliable solutions to a diverse group of Industries. We can construct virtually any Commercial, Education, Government, Military, Correctional or Healthcare building geared to your specific needs. With Universal Modular Building Solutions, you will receive permanent, code compliant building solutions that will provide faster timeline completion, comprehensive control of modular construction, and off-site building that provides both speed and superior building quality. Universal Modular can also provide complete design and engineering services. Projects can incorporate on-site construction, Off-site Construction or paneled processes. Our construction facilities are staffed with experienced quality assurance inspectors who perform detailed inspections on all production lines. This ensures that we will continue to maintain our high level of quality control that is expected by our customers.

About our Team

Our success is derived largely from our team of experienced professionals and our commitment to excellence in providing quality, modular buildings. Our expertise in modular construction procedures and processes has allowed for quality and cost effective solutions centered on the specific needs of our clients. Members of our management, operations and sales teams have an average of twenty years of experience in the modular and construction industries.

Mission Statement

Universal Modular Building Solutions, Inc. is recognized as a premier modular building construction company in America for providing lasting value to our customers, employees and communities. Customers will view Universal Modular Buildings solutions, Inc. as the best choice for their space requirements because of our commitment in providing the highest level of quality construction at fair and competitive prices.

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